The Grain Mill

The Setting

The Grain Mill is my local discovery of the season. I found it hidden behind the historic Thesen House in Knysna in an old, recently transformed building , which used to be Builder’s Express but now houses the new Knysna Indoor Market.

GrainMill (10)

The People

The purveyors, Adelheid and Stefan Schmidt came to Knysna from Germany last year. Lock, stock and grain mill. Hence the name. They also brought seeds to grow organic spelt that they mill on the premises to make their tasty breads and pastas. Stefan was happy to show me how they get this…

GrainMill (2)

…from this…

GrainMill (3)

…and this…

GrainMill (4)

…using this…

GrainMill (5)

The Food

I have learnt that, with a few exceptions, when the menu offers “organic” and “local”, to prepare my inner hippie for “boring” and “skimpy”. What I got was a celebration of seasonal produce accompanied by their delicious spelt bread…

GrainMill (6)

That had me returning a few times to try this continental breakfast (R52) …

GrainMill (7)

…this vegetarian salad (R48) …

GrainMill (8)

…this bacon & egg breakfast (R45) …

GrainMill (9)

… and this Caprese salad (R52) …

GrainMill (10)

The Grain Mill promise is inscribed on the menu:

“All our products are organic or locally sourced. We don’t use any artificial flavour enhancers or preservatives in our meals or drinks. In our kitchen we use only filtered water. Our breads and pastas are homemade using organic spelt.”

This is an official Boycie’s Choice for healthy work-day lunches.


12 thoughts on “The Grain Mill

  1. Janine Horne

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading Boycie’s Choice on The Grain Mill and look forward to seeing some more interesting posts!

    1. Marlene

      Hi Janine

      I am very glad you liked it. Let me know when you try it out. I might join you.

  2. lesley

    Hi there,

    i bought the spelt flour and would just like to know if there are any recipes available
    they say you use it as normal flour for baking but does it come out the same



    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amor, just replace the flour in the recipe with the spelt flour. I’ve tried it in pancakes, and it was delicious!

    2. G van der Meulen

      A search on the internet indicates that whereas wheat dough has to be kneaded for about 20 minutes this is not the case with Spelt four.
      Reptudly if the Spelt dough is treated like wheat flour the bread collapses. I came across a period of only about 2 to 3 minutes.
      Suggest that you contact Adelheid about that at
      Happy baking.

  3. G van der Meulen

    To Anigue van der Vlugt.
    Their physical address is on the watrefront drive in Knysna roughly opposite the fire station.
    The email address is
    You could try to contact Adelheid on 083 365 7634.
    With your contacts you might know someone who might be interested in growing Spelt for the Schmid family.

  4. Carol Sachs

    AND the fresh produce for sale in the spacious store is very well priced … I love cracking open my Pecan nuts myself instead of buying them shelled … AND … Adelheid introduced me to grated raw Jerusalem Artichoke on salad … nutty and delicious ! It’s worth a trip from Plett !