Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market in Sedgefield

If you’re visiting the Garden Route and you don’t get to the Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market, you are missing one of the biggest attractions of the area.

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Every Saturday morning, come rain or shine, the sleepy town of Sedgefield hosts the internationally famous market, which annually attracts thousands of people looking for healthy organic food, delicious home-cooked meals, locally produced, seasonal fruit and veggies, free-range meat, chicken and dairy products, home-made pickles and jams, freshly baked breads and pastries, or just a great place to have breakfast.

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Now in its 15th year, the popular market has become a landmark in the area but manages to maintain its rustic, country feel and high quality products for the discerning visitors who flock there every week.

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Founders Rose Brettell and Susan Garner are passionate “locavores”, who pay “special attention to the global need for developing local food security, local skills, local and seasonal food awareness and local community-mindfulness,”  and focus on “increasing responsible environmental awareness through educating customers how they can minimise their carbon-footprints… beginning by simply choosing to buy local.”

2013-12-14 09.35.19The Wild Oats Farmer’s Market is a leisurely 15 minute drive from Knysna, and is open every Saturday from 7am to 11.30am in summer, and from 8am to 11:30am in winter.

For more info about the market and directions, click here. 

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