Breakfast at The Turbine Hotel

Knysna’s trendiest hotel, The Turbine, is hidden away behind the shops and restaurants on the main road of Thesen Harbour Town.

We recently strolled across to try breakfast at the hotel on a Sunday morning, having discovered that our regular favourite, ile de pain, was closed.

Breakfast was served on the attractive sunny wooden pool deck overlooking the canals of the upmarket Thesen Islands residential development. The food was delicious, the prices very competitive by any standards, and the service prompt and friendly.

Don’t leave without exploring the interesting public areas of the hotel, which was once Knysna’s power station and housed a wood fired turbine. Most of the original components have been refurbished to form an integral part of the decor, which is at once industrial and contemporary. The lofty dimensions of the entrance area, provide a perfect gallery space for local artists.